Weingartner Oliver - RUBY LIGHTS Balatonmelleki PDO Skin Contact 2022 750ML (12.5% ABV)

Weingartner Oliver - RUBY LIGHTS Balatonmelleki PDO Skin Contact 2022 750ML (12.5% ABV)

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from the importer:

Oliver is a devoted husband and father, a seasoned winemaker and a man with ambition. Most notably Oliver has spent years in Germany honing his winemaking skills. He believes in natural winemaking and is an important advocate for sustainable and organic farming in Somló. Over the years he has perfected a method of vineyard management that does away with harsh cutting, while also improving the health of the vines by limiting airborne disease from entering them. The attention to detail is felt through the character of his wine. Winemaking is nothing but fun for him. Always smiling and laid back, even when troubles arise. While thinking of a name for one of his newest natural wines, he mockingly called it "Bipolar". This was in spite of the wine changing profiles from day to day while in the tank. "One day it was amazing and the next, I wanted to dump it all out. With so many personalities, I had to call it bipolar." said Oliver. We too agree that it ended up being a very special wine, and imported it.

new orange (that looks more like a rose thanks to the pink skinned Pinot Gris) from the Northern slopes of Somló, Hungary

producer uses organic methods on 2.5 hectares of vines

annual production totals only 15.000 bottles

this producer loves to use new technology like flex cube (plastic)  & plastic egg

Oliver's family home is in Badacsony (where he grows Pinot Gris on the volcanic soil of the St. George vineyard, to esteemed plots on Somlo hill, about one hour north. The Pinot Gris was grown in the south/south-east facing vineyard, while the Tramini was grown on the east facing volcanic vineyard of Somlo.

Clean, refreshing, and nothing but fun to drink - aromatic and pretty bouquet with Raspberries, ruby red grapefruit, rose petals, wet rocks, fruit forward but dry! Medium bodied, slightly herbal, bright minerality, juicy red berry fruit, crisp finish.

RS: 0,8 g/l (aka bone dry)

only 1330 bottles produced 

region: Somlo, Hungary

varietal: 50% Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) & 50% Tramini (Gewürztraminer)

style: skin contact 

farming/cellar: organic, soft pruning, minimal amount of sulfur at bottling, Destemmed, Left on skin for two weeks to ferment together, matured in a combo of Used Hungarian oak and breathable tanks for 8 months