Our Philosophy

we buy wine that we like.
(a little bit of what we want, a little bit of what we need).
wine that we drink ourselves.
we have a love for small-production, terroir-driven wines created by people who care as much for the vineyards they cultivate as for the final product we all get to enjoy.
we’re drawn to vintners who are also (maybe even primarily) organic farmers and holistic land stewards, artists and educators, freethinkers and obsessives.
it’s a diverse crowd, but one united by a dedication to “letting the vines speak for themselves.”
so while each producer we stock takes a unique approach, you’ll find that many of them hold certain practices in common: dry farming, indigenous yeast fermentation, mindful extraction, only aging in neutral vessels, minimal additions (if any), forgoing fining or filtering — just to name a few. 
we’re constantly looking outward, seeking winemakers across the globe to support and celebrate while also being grounded in the local. we feel incredibly lucky to be in NYC, where we have access to a dizzying array of importers who share our ethos and collaborate with us in bringing incredible wine to you.