Our Philosophy

Our buying philosophy is simple:

We only buy wine we like and drink ourselves - which results in a carefully curated selection of very small production wines made from small parcels of land tended to by someone who sees the greatest potential of that plot.

We lean towards winemakers who work with cool climates, higher elevation and/or aquatic influenced parcels, and unique micro-climates - who all farm as organically as possible while employing a "light touch" in the cellar. 

Many of the winemakers we carry say something similar of their style of "letting the vines speak for themselves" which often means using indigenous yeast, not overly extracting, using minimal (if any) neutral oak or additives, lower alcohol levels, and not fining or filtering. Of course, a healthy and dry-farmed (non-irrigated) biodiverse vineyard is always the starting point for such an endeavor.  

We often say these types of wines have been made with minimal intervention, though "natural wine" is decidedly a snappier nickname and somewhat paradoxically, like a great actor working with a director, natural wine is more than the sum of it's parts.  The words  "natural" and "minimal" fail to point to the skill, instinct, and decision making needed to transform a grape into this final product. But alas, we must use some word(s) that fit easily on an awning, musn't we? There isn't much that's natural at all about natural wine. 

We also strive to seek out an affordably priced selection while committing to stock wine that fits the above criteria. We aren't a big-budget, big-box corporate shop, but when we find something we especially like, we order in larger quantities when possible and pass on the savings to you.

We truly believe all people should have access to this highest-level quality product. We feel lucky to be in NYC where there is a dizzying amount and variety of importers with the same ethos as us, bringing in the kind of wines we love to support. 

Thanks for your support and we hope to continue to be your favorite local wine shop.