RIM Emporda - Emporada Sarau Blanc 2022 750ml (13.5% ABV)

RIM Emporda - Emporada Sarau Blanc 2022 750ml (13.5% ABV)

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 All of Jordi Esteve's vineyards are on intense slate soils in the area around the village of Rabós in the Alt Empordà, bordering the national park of the L'Albera mountain range. Sarau blanc is always the freshest and 'easiest' white/orange of the RIM range, although everything from the Alt Empordà naturally has a lot of power. 

From the winemaker " I am a newcomer to the village of Rabós. My friends areall over seventy years old and they often tell me abouthow life used to be here – a life that has largelydisappeared but that i still see. I dedicate myself to observation, to asking questions of thevillage elders, to socialising, to organising wine fairs, to enjoying life, to walking, to intense vineyard pruning, to learning the history of Rabós d’empordà, to recoveringlost vineyards, to trying to reopen the village bar, to selling wine, to seeing sunsets, to running throughvineyards and catching peaches as they fall from trees; to ferment when I don’t breathe, to changing the tractor oil, to strimming the brush, to fighting wild boars, to learning the art of dry stonewalling, to harvesting almonds, to cooking for the people I love, to giving wine and viticulture classes, to discoveringold, disused wine cellers, to recovering small barrels of ‘rancid wine’ as we call it, and to listening to nature."

Taken from two different vineyard parcels in Empordà, 40 and 50 years of age, elevations between 30-100m. slate soil

herbal, tea tannins, musky aroma. 

varietal(s): 50% Garnatxa Roja, 50% Macabeu

region: catalonia, spain

farming & cellar: Organic. ambient yeast, one day skin contact, Fermented and aged in stainless steel, unfined, unfiltered. low so2

pairing: empandas from the cart on n. 3rd & bedford