Rarefratte - COLE Sparkling Wine Italy 2022 750ml (12% ABV)

Rarefratte - COLE Sparkling Wine Italy 2022 750ml (12% ABV)

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info from Rolling Wine:

"The Rarefratte project starts ... in 2012 that Cristian Moresco begins his adventure, taking over the management of the family vineyards and converting them to organic. The project is ambitious and fascinating: the recovery of 6 ancient vines from the Breganze area (Gruaja, Ottocai, Pedevenda, Sciampagna, Groppella and Vespaiola) through the process of "mass selection" of varieties. An articulated method that involves study and longer time than a "clonal selection" done in the laboratory, but which guarantees the plant biodiversity of the area through the research of the ancient vineyards of the area, the classification and subsequent harvesting of the scions, then the propagation of the latter to obtain the cuttings and create vineyards with these ancient vines. While the very young plants were growing, Cristian experimented, focusing on the pure micro-vinifications of those grapes to capture their real characteristics and potential. It was a very nice study phase in which we gained a lot of experience. The respect in making his wines is first and foremost for the territory: in an environment where fortunately biodiversity reigns, the harvests are manual and done in many steps when the grapes require it, there is no use of synthetic chemicals, but only copper and sulfur in minimal quantities and green manure is practiced if deemed necessary. In the cellar you are only careful not to ruin the work done in the vineyard: patience for the spontaneous fermentation of indigenous yeasts and very little sulfur dioxide if at all. Nothing else. This is the respect that Cristian reserves for those who drink his wines."

apples, fresh herbs, bread crust, snappy and taut, subtle bubbles and a refreshing finish.

region: Breganze, Veneto, Northern Italy,

varietal: Gruaja

style: sparkling (pet nat)

farming/cellar: organic, hand picked, Soft white pressing, spontaneous fermentation in non-vitrified cement. After a few months, the frozen must is added for reference, followed by bottling, low so2