Podere Sottoilnoce - Cattebrega Emilia Romagna Rose Sparkling 2021 750ml (12.5% ABV)

Podere Sottoilnoce - Cattebrega Emilia Romagna Rose Sparkling 2021 750ml (12.5% ABV)

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Max Brondolo resurrected ancient vines in Castelvetro di Modena in Emilia Romagna.

Podere Sottoilnoce is a winery started by Max Brondolo to sculpt new traditions of winemaking. His raw materials and his technique are drawn from the disappeared agricultural past, yet he finds observation and flexibility in viticulture essential in the future of wine. His home and vineyard are in Castelvetro di Modena, a long-inhabited village in the hills rising from the river Guerro outside of Modena. His vineyards draw on deep river-sediment soil and limestone.

"Cattabrega" is the word in the local dialect for the noisy guy in a group of friends.

Max feels that this is his best expression of lambrusco grasparossa, he accomplishes this by crushing the grasparossa and using the juice from that, not pressing it at all. In blending the grapes after fermentation, he is able to make the wines according to taste and blend the best attributes of each one.

frizzante (less bubbly than spumante)

Lightly sparkling, pretty red berry fruit, hints of earth and spice, dry and refreshing, truly elevated Lambrusco

From the Palona vineyard, also on Max’s property, where the average age is 15 year old vines that Max planted.

6534 bottles produced.

region: Emilia Romagna, Italy

varietal: 90% Uva Tosca 10% Lambrusco Grasparossa

style: bubbly rose

farming/cellar: biodynamic, ambient yeast, made from free run juice (not pressed), 2 separate fermentations: first is base wine made in concrete, then frozen must from previous vintage is added into bottle to kick off 2nd fermentation on the lees, not disgorged, no added so2, zero zero wine, bottled on a crescent moon, 

pairing: the group of friends with or without noisy guy