Monument Wine Co. (MNMT) - "Smithereens" Oregon White Wine 2022 750ml (13.82% ABV)

Monument Wine Co. (MNMT) - "Smithereens" Oregon White Wine 2022 750ml (13.82% ABV)

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MNMT Wine Co = Tyler Magyar, who started this project after 2 vintages working with Andy Young (Marigny/St Reginald Parish).

"I began this small winery project after years of selling wine in retail shops and moonlighting in friends’ wineries. My approach is simple: make honest, thoughtful wines without adornment or cut corners. The most important thing to me is that the wines are sincere - from the vineyard sources and vinification process to the label aesthetic and the people I choose to work with."

 rizzo vineyard, planted in 2000 in the eola-amity hills,

only ~100 cases produced every year and quick to sell out.

 lemons, florals, ocean spray

region: Oregon

varietal: Chardonnay, Muscat

style: skin contact white / orange

farming/cellar: the grapes were fermented separately with ambient yeast; muscat was stomped by foot and sat on the skins for almost two weeks before finishing in stainless steel tank, while the gris was also foot-stomped and rested on the skins for roughly the same time before finishing fermentation in neutral oak barrel. the blend took place just prior to being bottled unfined and unfiltered. like all other wines, no manipulations beyond a nominal addition of sulfur.