Mai Vino - AMBER Skin Contact Itata Valley NV 1.5L Pouch Bag (13.3% ABV)

Mai Vino - AMBER Skin Contact Itata Valley NV 1.5L Pouch Bag (13.3% ABV)

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Mai Vino (MY-VINO) is a female-founded company that believes great wine can come in any vessel.

80 year old Moscatel vines!

Airtight spout keeps wine fresh for 30 days after your first glass and reduces wine's carbon footprint by 80%. Pouch = 2x750ml standard bottles.

The Itata Valley is one of Chile's oldest wine-growing regions and is home to some of the oldest vines in the country. The valley boasts beautiful, gentle rolling hills and is home to one of the oldest coastal ranges in Chile. The region has a cool Mediterranean-type climate influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Due to the cool temperatures, the vines are trained to grow "en cabeza," which resembles a head with little spikes. This type of training keeps the vines closer to the ground and the grapes warm from the cool Pacific breeze.

vegan friendly

perfumed, lychee, yellow flowers, clean and refreshing with just a tiny hint of funk, good intro to orange wine

region: Itata Valley, Chile

varietal:  90%  Moscatel de Alejandria, 10% Semillon

style: orange/skin contact

farming/cellar: organic, dry farmed, ambient yeast, 28 days skin contact