Hammelmann - VOM LOSS Riesling Trocken 2022 750ml (11% ABV)

Hammelmann - VOM LOSS Riesling Trocken 2022 750ml (11% ABV)

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The more basic wines often have a more natural style to them, a complexity influenced by lees and fermentation, not unlike a sour beer. The “vom Loess” is one of his two entry-level wines, both of them based on soil types (the other is “Buntsandstein,” or colored sandstone).

This wine is sourced from his hometown of Zeiskam, from younger vines in the Klosterberg and older vines in Hochstadt. While the wine was raised in Mosel Fuder, it is still bracing – while Hammelmann does not block malolactic fermentation, the pH was simply too low for it to have a chance. The wine is incredibly bracing, with hints of stray, hay, lees and a fierce citrus – a lemon-lime cut. This wine is all energy with only 4 grams of residual sugar (this is quite dry) matched up to 9.2 grams of acid. This is Hammelmann.

region: Pfalz, Germany

varietal: Riesling

style: dry white

farming/cellar: raised in Mosel oak fuder, malo not blocked but it did not occur, extended time on the lees, fermented dry