Fuente Guijarro - Ancestral Cider "Sidra del Sur" NV 750ml (7% ABV)

Fuente Guijarro - Ancestral Cider "Sidra del Sur" NV 750ml (7% ABV)

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a super cool find for all of you Basque cider fans (this comes from the south of Spain however)

Fuente Guijarro = Manuel Moreno and Sara Bertani, project started in 1998. orchards are at impressive 2,000m (6,000 feet!), soil is slate with shallow stones, 6ha of orchards are estate and 3ha are rented. Total estate production averages ~10,000 bottles annually (833 cases).

Manuel and Sara recovered an old orchard preserving ancient varieties while planting around 500 more trees with wild foraged varieties, mostly prunus malus. 

to pick apples they use a mule since the paths are not accessible with regular vehicles. Also, their sidra production is organic without any interventions. 

dry slightly fizzy & hazy apple cider made of organic local/endemic/old apple varieties grown in the Cortijo Fuente Guijarro. a little funky, salty, briny, spicy. light to medium bodied.

region: Yegen, Granada, Sierra Nevada Natural Park, Andalucia, Spain

varietal: apples

style: dry slightly fizzy cider

farming/cellar: organic, no additives 100% natural, single/ancestral method fermentation bubbly

pairing: deep fried pickles, tapas