Domaine Earl Plageoles - Mauzac Nature Gaillac Sparkling 750ml 2021 (11% ABV)

Domaine Earl Plageoles - Mauzac Nature Gaillac Sparkling 750ml 2021 (11% ABV)

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The wines of Gaillac as a whole are on the map today as wines of quality due to the hard work and adventurous spirit of the Plageoles family. It all started with Robert Plageoles, who took great pride in bringing back the lost indigenous varieties of the area. He researched and replanted over a dozen varieties (7 in the Mauzac family alone) indigenous to Gaillac that had all but vanished. Robert did painstaking work, often going in to the forest to find wild vines growing, and going to seed banks to resurrect these grapes. Robert’s son Bernard continued this work, and now his sons Florent and Romain have taken up the cause of natural wines in Gaillac. 

The terroir in Gaillac is made up of clay, limestone, sand and silex soils. Gaillac receives more sunshine than Bordeaux and is graced by a cool maritime climate.  Between the historic family vineyard of Très Cantous and the Roucou-Cantemerle vineyard totaling 20-hectares, they farm Mauzac Vert, Mauzac Noir, Ondenc, Duras, Muscadelle, and Prunelart. To drink the wines from Plageoles is to experience the fruit and terroir of living history.

The Plageoles are one of the oldest winemaking families in the AOC, and they are thoroughly invested in retaining the traditions and quality for the AOC that had been often overlooked, that however, have now been receiving well-deserved praise.

Straw yellow and is somewhat cloudy in the glass with ultra-fine bubbles. A supple citrus and yellow apple (almost cider-like) scents dominate the nose. This creamy and concentrated gem is savory with white fruits, with just a suggestion of citrus sweetness. A note of marzipan and vibrant acidity dovetail beautifully on the elegant finish.

region: Gaillac, France

varietal: Mauzac

style: "Gaillac-oise" their version of “rurale”, “artisanale” or pet-nat.

farming/cellar: practicing organic.  Direct pressing, followed by overnight débourbage. Native yeast fermentation. When the wine reaches 30g of residual sugar, it is filtered to stop the alcoholic fermentation and bottled; the prise de mouse (creation of the bubbles in the bottle) takes about 3 months. Zero dosage added.

pairing: Before dinner with paté or aged meats and light cheeses. Also works beautifully with river fish, grilled shrimp, smoky curries, pork loin and herb encrusted roast chicken or simply by itself.