Bergstrom - Syrah Oregon "Gargantua Pantagruel" 2020 750ml (13.4% ABV)

Bergstrom - Syrah Oregon "Gargantua Pantagruel" 2020 750ml (13.4% ABV)

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WINE CLUB SELECTION MAR 2024 - Surprises Level

notes from the winemaker on the monster mythology behind this wine:

"He lived in and created a world of extravagant hedonism that held comedy, irreverence, obscenity and adventure. I believe that everyone has a Gargantua hidden inside of them, mine happens to be a love affair with the Northern Rhône grape varietal, Syrah. So now, after 18 intense years of solely focusing world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, gargantua is a new Bergström Wines effort to craft world class Syrah from the West Coast of the United States.

The gargantua labels are original paintings created by my childhood friend, Nat Meade, a talented and thoughtful artist living in Brooklyn, New York. I encourage you to visit his website to discover his vivid expressions on canvas. When I decided to finally bring our Syrah to life, I immediately thought of Nat to create the image. The paintings depict a man whose shadow is that of a beast: Gargantua. The different colors of each label represent the state and appellation character. Our version of gargantua, with the text intentionally presented in small, lower case type, speaks to the creation of wines that are balanced, reserved and driven by acidity and perfume."

a vision of American Syrah

blended from four different vineyards in the Willamette, Umpqua, and Rogue Valleys in our home state of Oregon. (hence why this is simply labeled as Oregon vs W.Valley)

exotic and complex bouquet - garrigue, violets, smokey herbs, a mix of red, blue, and purple fruit, boysenberry, black pepper, tomato paste, subtle forest floor earthiness, medium bodied, seamless, satiny, suave, zippy acid backbone, a perfect mix of Northern Rhone tradition with West Coast flair. delicious

region: Oregon, USA

varietal: Syrah

style: red

farming/cellar: organic and biodynamic, hand picked, whole cluster fermentation (no destemming) and aged in large format French oak demi-muids and ovals.