Absentee Winery - Western Art 2019 MAGNUM 1.5L (14.5% ABV)

Absentee Winery - Western Art 2019 MAGNUM 1.5L (14.5% ABV)

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Avi Deixl, after being bit by the wine bug working in a retail shop in Ithaca “went through six years of dumping bags of white powder yeast, tartaric acid, sulfites - “into tanks”.... Then he met natural winemaker Tony Coturri and everything changed .....He bought an old dairy barn in beautiful Point Reyes, CA to make expressive soulful wine. He sources all of his fruit from Poor Ranch, an organically farmed vineyard in Mendocino County and hand sands his old barrels removing and residue or flaws.

....or if we followed suit avi style we'd just say, ingredients, grapes. 

wild red wine as expected from avi. 

region:  point reyes, california

varietal(s):  aborieu and petit syrah

style: big red

farming & cellar: organic, fermented in whole clusters with wild yeasts in hand-coopered raw oak casks

pairing: tacos suadero from taqueria ramirez