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What is VDF? Read on and come taste this Thursday 8/12 5:30 - 8 PM

Join us this Thursday 5:30 - 8 for some VDF wines (Vin de France).  So what is the VDF designation all about? We are working with Flow Wine Group to bring you these wines, and they do a great job of explaining it...... "Aside from the obvious (French wine), Vin de France is a new national appellation from France. France is known for its individual appellations. For example, you don’t necessarily buy a Pinot Noir; you buy a Burgundy. You don’t necessarily buy a sparkling Chardonnay; you buy a blanc de blanc Champagne. This is how it’s always been done in the “Old World.”   The U.S is the “New World .” and the rules are different here. We buy wine by grape variety. We...

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