Join us Thursday Oct. 28th . 5:30 PM - 8 PM - In - Store with Black Lamb Imports

We have featured the wines of Importer Black Lamb in past wine clubs, it's the kind of wine we love to support. Black Lamb specializes in ancient style wine made with pre industrial technology. The small importer are lovers of indigenous grapes, unheralded terroir, skin fermented whites and savory reds. Enough talk let's get to the wine!  Get a taste this Thursday of these Slovenians and Slovakian wines:


Pivnica Cajkov Vulcanica Pet-Nat Number 5

Marek Uhnák of Pivnica Cajkov has seen it all. He studied viticulture, where they taught him all about chemistry, preservatives and all cool new industry stuff. After years of conventional wine production, he understood that if he wants to let the terroir fully express, the only way is the low intervention, the natural winemaking path. 

This vintage was blended with the still wine of Pinot Gris (2 weeks on skins & 1 month together) expresses the terroir of the volcanic Štiavnica Hills of Slovakia.

Pet Nat fermentation happens in the bottle, low intervention.

Tasting notes of watermelon, citrusy, yummy. Cheeky Star Trek reference to it's namesake, Vulcanica.

Kabaj Goriška Brda Sivi Pinot 2017

Another wine we’ve fallen in love with this light orange 100% Slovenian Pinot Gris is, stunning! Aged in Amfora wine made in Qvevri originating in Georgia. The winery was four times selected among the top 100 wineries in the world by the elite American Magazine, Wine & Spirits confirming their passion.

Sexy rust orange color with peach yoghurt on the palate and just enough citrus for an elegant balance - a refined unassuming orange.

It is aged for two weeks on the skins and then for about a year in neutral barrels before bottling. Since Pinot Gris is a naturally pink colored grape it has a light rose hue that adds to the already fascinating and inviting flavor profile. It is in the “orange” category of wines but is an easy entry point as the wine is not as intensely powerful as the Rebula or similarly styled skin-contact wines. We had the 2015 and we do believe the 2017 is even more stunning.

EAZY Rofošk 2018

Black Lamb Negociant, from The Zaro family that has been making wine since the 14th century, lzola, Slovania, living off wine, olive oil and fish. Their 20 hectares of vineyards and olive groves overlook the beautiful Adriatic Sea.The Refošk is hand harvested, destemmed (Italian varietal as well), after spontaneous fermentation it spends a year in stainless; purple, lip smacking, chewable volcanic, slate cherries - fresh Refošk that has been kissed by the sea. The locals drink this red chilled in the summer and with seafood in the winter. An affordable Slovenian treat!


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