Meinklang - Knusprig "DJUCE" CAN 250ml Austria 2021 (11% ABV)

Meinklang - Knusprig "DJUCE" CAN 250ml Austria 2021 (11% ABV)

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Tucked in the southeast corner of Austria, Burgenland is a picture of biodiversity. Here grain, fruit, livestock and wine are equally important. The produce from the farm feed the animals and the animal waste fertilizes the crop in a natural cycle. The vines are smack in the middle of this total symbiosis - benefitting from a healthy fertile soil, insects, animals and everything that comes with it. What do you get? A natural wine in its truest sense.

Three brothers run Meinklang: Lukas tends the animals on the farm, Hannes works the fields, and Werner crafts the grapes. Three generations of the family are also living and working on the estate, but with over 2000 hectares of land there’s plenty of room for everyone.

light to medium bodied, bone dry, white pepper, lemon pith, ginger, herbaceous, fruit forward, refreshing and complex. vegan friendly & tiny production. 

region: Burgenland, Austria

varietal: Gruner Veltliner

style: crisp white 

farming/cellar: organic, unfiltered, no added so2

pairing: back of the uber