Quinta do Infantado - Tawny Port NV (19.5% ABV) 750ml

Quinta do Infantado - Tawny Port NV (19.5% ABV) 750ml

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A wonderful entry point into the delicious world of port! Enjoy with a slight chill / cellar temp / aka the store we keep Dep wines at! / 55 to 60 degrees. (another great reason to drink Tawny port - they've already been exposed to oxygen, so you don't have to finish your bottle right away, it will stay enjoyable for a week or two once open :)

Fortified red wine with a hint of sweetness. Tawny ports are matured in oak casks and have a slightly oxidized character.

-This is labelled "medium dry" which means it is slightly sweet (less so than most tawny ports)

-Practicing organic (which is a rare feat in port winemaking)

-notes of roasted nuts, berry cobbler, spice, espresso beans, toffee

-pair with fresh fruit, funky cheese, chocolate desserts, apple pie with caramel sauce