Domaine Muller-Koeberlé - BURGREBEN Alsace 2022 750ML (11.5% ABV)

Domaine Muller-Koeberlé - BURGREBEN Alsace 2022 750ML (11.5% ABV)

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dry Riesling we love from an under the radar Alsatian producer

4th gen. producer

Domaine Muller-Koeberlé is a family estate that was established in 1961 by Eugène Muller in the village of Saint-Hippolyte, in the heart of Alsace. Today, the estate is run by David and his wife Marianne as fourth generation winemakers, who have taken the legacy to new heights. In 2012, David started transitioning to organic, later biodynamic and today he operates under Vin Méthode Nature certification, a label that guarantees minimal intervention in both the vineyard and the cellar.

"Clos des Aubépines is a parcel of 10ha, property of the family since 1961. With the four grape varieties of the parcel, we vinified five wines and one blend"

Dry Riesling from around 40 year old vines on sandy soil. We always talk about biodynamic farming (or organic +) but we never really go into depth about what that means.  Well here you go.  Why not spill the tea on what is going on here. (funny enough tea infusions can be part of biodynamic farming as well).Here are some of the farming techniques that happened to make this wine ! Treatments: TCO (Vermicompost soaked in oxygenated water, amino acids are added to feed yeast and bacteria. For optimal seeding, sugar cane molasses is added). Dry sulfur and wet copper used in homeopathic doses.Fertilizers: Engrais vert’ - Green manure (crucifer, legumes, cereals), bovine manure only on new plots. Foliar fertilizer made from nettle and alfalfa from vineyards.

region: Alsace, France

varietal: Riesling

style: dry white

farming/cellar: Demeter certified Biodynamic, hand picked, gentle press, no extended maceration (no more than Riesling traditionally gets), six months on lees, unfiltered

pairing: Fleischschnaka pairs perfectly with Burgreben.  It’s what you’d get if you combined stew, pasta, and a wrap all at once. (accompanied with broth). It’s beef and carbs.  What more could you want!