Yuki no Tenshi - Nigori Sake 'Snow Angel' [CUP] 180ml (12.5% ABV)

Yuki no Tenshi - Nigori Sake 'Snow Angel' [CUP] 180ml (12.5% ABV)

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A delicate, silky, unfiltered nigori sake from Hyogo. Off dry with a touch of sweetness but balanced at 12.5% ABV. Lots of personality here: aromas of melon, lily flowers and cantaloupes, smooth and creamy texture, flavors of lychee, yellow flowers and strawberries with a lingering finish. Rich and delicious (but lighter bodied than many nigori) this pairs well with big flavors: spicy foods, chili, BBQ, curries and even ice cream.

Give it a shake before you enjoy. Enjoy chilled.

 unfiltered nigori that represents the soft powder of Hokkaido snow.

  • Prefecture: Hyogo •  ABV: 12.5% •  Rice polished to 70% • Yeast: Proprietary •  Water: Mineral rich ‘Miyamizu’ spring water • SMV: -20 •  Acidity: 1.4

Snow Angel is a private label of Oka Imports in Sausalito CA and is produced in Hyogo - one of the top locations for Sake production in Japan.