Kurosawa - Junmai Kimoto Sake NV (15% ABV) 720ml

Kurosawa - Junmai Kimoto Sake NV (15% ABV) 720ml

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The story of KUROSAWA Sake started in 1996 with Jun Tanaka- a young and ambitious Japanese sake importer in the US.  As someone who possessed an in-depth knowledge of sake and had visited numerous Japanese restaurants in entire US, Jun’s desire was to find a sake that would provide the “best match” for American palates.

His search finally led him to an old brewery in the mountains of Nagano, Japan.  There he encountered the sake called Izutucho, which literally means “A Top of Spring Water”.

The brewery’s original sake was very rich and nutty-a typical “Kimoto” style brew.  For the next 2 years, Jun repeatedly visited the brewery-sometimes staying there for weeks and actually working with the kurabito (brewery workers) to further refine their sake to meet American standards of taste and texture (and to be the perfect pairing for Yakitori, his favorite dish).

Earthy and nutty with a terrific sharp acidity from the kimoto method, this is a classic Kimoto Junmai.  A terrifically dynamic food sake, robust character and prominent acidity, Rustic flavor profile of black walnuts and cacao nibs, excellent chilled or warm.

region: high mountain Nagano, Japan.

varietal: Ramisco, Junmai, Locally grown rice milled to 65%.

style: full bodied earthy sake

farming & cellar:

  • from snow-melt water and locally grown rice milled to 65%.
  • Premium Junmai grade sake made from just rice, water, yeast and koji.
  • Traditional “kimoto” method that picks up ambient microbes from local environment, gives sake rustic earthy flavor profile.
  • Serving chilled will keep the sake lean and acidic, gently heating to 100F or more will bring out sweetness and chocolate notes.

pair with a range of cuisine but particularly good with heartier fare, izakaya, yakitori and ramen.