"What Wine Club is All About" aka a Manifesto by Nichelina

Trying to come up with “themes” each month for wine club isn’t always easy.  This month, I decided to not try to come up with some new organizing tactic for why we chose the wines we chose.  They're not all Italian, or from volcanic soils or New World or Old World. 

The 'true spirit’ of wine club is this - each month, we taste through a lot of wine and bring in a variety of bottles to the shop.  Stuff people always want, what they ask for -  the Malbecs, the Pinot Noirs, the Cab. Sauvs. 

We look for the tastiest affordable seasonal picks,  which at the moment are the rosés, refreshing whites,  and skin-contact “orange” wines that go down easy for the summer at the right price. 

And then there’s the wine for you guys. The wine we love to buy the most. Maybe not varietals we have all heard of from regions we can easily point to on a map - but the outliers, the ones that get us thinking.  As much vino as we have all imbibed here at the shop we are always seeking to be surprised, albeit in a pleasant way. 
The theme this month is just that,  in the past month of tasting, these are the wines that stand out. 
 A sparkling wine from Muscadet in a region where sparkling wines are mostly an afterthought, not this one from husband and wife duo.  A rare Sauvingon Gris skin contact wine from Chile, seeing a 10 month maceration in clay amphora, resulting in an experience truly out of this world but still enjoyable. Last but not least, a super sexy, silky Garnacha from the Gredos Mountains North of Madrid home to apparently more than a few UFO sightings.
We hope you enjoy them and we hope if you have read this and aren't currently a wine club member that we have done a sufficient job of getting you to join.
Stop by and say hi!
Nichelina, John, Thierry and Athena
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You get Three wines each month for $70.  Sign up for 6 months and get 10% off on all purchases.  
Here's the links to the wines for this month (August 2021):
Dépanneur Wines
292 Livingston St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217