This Thursday is with our Fave. Importer Specializing in Small Production German Wines Vom Boden 5:30- 8 PM THURSDAY

Hild Elbling Sekt Brut #52 NV

“Matthias Hild farms 5 hectares in the upper Mosel doing something that makes almost zero financial sense: saving old, terraced parcels of Elbling. In this area, however, it’s important to understand Elbling is something of a religion. It’s a culture, a regional dialect that is spoken through this wine of rigorous purity, of joyous simplicity, of toothsome acidity...The comparisons are plenty, though none of them are quite right;
if Riesling is Pinot Noir, then Elbling is Gamay. If Riesling is Chenin Blanc, then Elbling is Muscadet. You get the idea. The joy of Elbling is its raucous acidity, its vigor and energy, the fact that it is so low in alcohol you could probably drink a bottle and still operate heavy machinery.” —Vom Boden, Importer


Stein Riesling Weihwasser Feinherb 2020

Ulli Stein has become a cult figure in the wine world and in restaurants like Noma and Momofuku Ko. He and his wife cultivate on steep blue slate slopes and live at their mountaintop inn overlooking Mosel receiving a constant flow of devoted Ulli fans making the pilgrimage.

The Stein’s passionately advocate for the preservation of the Mosel Valley. This riesling just makes me smile. Asian pear, lychee on a summer’s day, light and fresh with backbone to boot, off-dry finish. Mostly sourced from vines in the St. Aldegunder Klosterkammer. Practicing organic farming and minimal intervention in the cellar.

Stein says wine isn’t what he wants to make, it is what the vineyards give to him.

Pair with your favorite Thai take out, or chicken schnitzel

Beurer Rotgut 2020 

A complex herbal and red fruited blend of Germanic and Burgundian varieties by one of the most significant producers in the region of Swabia. Beurer worked certified biodynamically, often teaching younger farmers and winemakers how to do so as well.
This is Pinot Noir along with the underrated German grapes called Dornfelder and Blauer Portugieser. No filtering and very low sulfur additions.

Tasting Notes: Vivid, Energetic, dark fruits, gravelly soil, similar to soil of Loire & Bordeaux.

what else do you want to know . It’s fr****kn delicious. Jokester name. Translation “ Good Red” !
not “Rot Gut”