Weingut Knauss - La Boutanche Trollinger 1L 2022 (12% ABV)

Weingut Knauss - La Boutanche Trollinger 1L 2022 (12% ABV)

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La Boutanche: a brain child of distributors Selection Massale partnering with the grasshopper (Andi Knauss) for this wine, in Württemberg, Germany, it's quest is to deliver Natural GlouGlou wine that's affordable. This one litre bottle of Trollinger (also known as Schiava in Italy) manages to quench a thirsty palate while capturing the ancient layered limestone soils of the earth around the the estate, This Boutanche was made to have a fun and affordable bottle of natural red wine.

totally crushable. Very light in body, iridescent fushia hue, clear and refined cranberries, tart, dry, notes of Strawberry and crushed rose petals climb the mineral backbone of this easy drinker.

region: Württemberg, Germany

varietal: Trollinger

style: light chillable red

farming& cellar: organic farming, sourced from 8 different vineyards ( in the villages of Schnait and Strümpfelbach), vines are 12-36 years old, wild yeast, fermented and aged in stainless steel vats, minimal added so2.

drink while your coffee brews on a Sunday afternoon or whilst your toes are in the sand.