Tiberio 21 - Trebbiano Abruzzo DOP 2021 750ML (13.5% ABV)

Tiberio 21 - Trebbiano Abruzzo DOP 2021 750ML (13.5% ABV)

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Agricola Tiberio is located in the rugged Adriatic region of Abruzzo and is where Cristiana Tiberio has fast gained a reputation for her excellent wines made on the 30 hectare family estate. The story of the estate begins with Cristiana's father, Riccardo, who whilst working for a local winery stumbled across a parcel of very old Trebbiano Abruzzese vines in the hillside village of Cugnoli.

nearly 60 year old vines, superb white (with a touch of skin contact) from acclaimed female winemaker, known for benchmark Pecorino (although clearly they know their way around Trebbiano as well)

delicious and elegant orange (not funky), medium to full bodied, stone fruit, jasmine, orange blossom, honey, savory, apples & almonds, crisp yet concentrated

region: Abruzzo, Italy

varietal: Trebbiano

style: skin contact / orange


pairing: fish and chips, grilled chicken Caesar salad,