Southold Farm + Cellar - "Forgotten Dreams" Sangiovese (Texas High Plains) 2021 750 ML (12.8% ABV)

Southold Farm + Cellar - "Forgotten Dreams" Sangiovese (Texas High Plains) 2021 750 ML (12.8% ABV)

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Our friends at Southold have moved on to greener pastures, the Texas Hill Country! We’re excited to try their first vintage out of Fredericksburg, TX in a few years. They’re sourcing grapes from their neighbors and the Texas High Plains for now. All the best, guys!

If you ever have traveled to Sicily or Montepulciano you may have come across a style of wine called Cerasuolo. Think of this wine as a very special place between red wine and rosé. This wine has surprised us, it is insanely drinkable, like gulping punch on a hot day on your old school yard, yet to do that means you would miss all the depth and complexity. So, choose wisely... or don't.

Bright nose of heirloom tomato, rhubarb, strawberry, roses, hints of spice, just a touch of barnyard. 

region: grapes from the Texas High Plains, produced just outside Fredericksburg, TX

varietal: sangiovese

style: light red

farming & cellar: a portion of this wine was a saignée lot of Sangiovese with the other portion coming from a more traditional skin contact red fermentation, also of Sangiovese. The 2 lots were blended to create a lighter Cerasuolo inspired wine. This wine was fermented by native yeast, bottled unfined, unfiltered, minimal added so2.

pairing: smoked meats and potato salad