Rodica - Malvazija 2019 750ml (13% ABV)

Rodica - Malvazija 2019 750ml (13% ABV)

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Rodica family vineyards are planted at 250-350 meters asl, terraced, facing South. They enjoy significant day-night temperature swings, constant breezes, which keeps the vineyards well-ventilated and naturally healthy for organic farming.

Mild Mediterranean, with dry and hot summers, and mild winters. The picturesque hills near Marezige and Truške are located 5 km from the Adriatic sea, more specifically the Gulf of Trieste.

The soil is rich with minerals, consisting predominantly of limestone. The vines are forced to “fight” to get water, which results in better quality grapes. Every second row of the vineyard is empty and planted with grass. Only natural fertilizer produced from natural manure is allowed. The vineyards are worked without any irrigation.

The nose offers aromas of wild flowers and peach. Medium-body with balanced acidity and bright fruitiness, this malvasia is elegant and refreshing. We recommend opening in advance and allowing the wine to breathe for 30 minutes before consuming.

Region: Truške, Istria, Slovenia

Varietals: 100% Malvazija Istriana

style: white wine

Farming/cellar: Certified Organic. After de-stemming the grapes are macerated with the pulp and skins for just a few hours and spontaneous fermentation begins. The wine is then transferred into stainless steel tanks where it finishes the fermentation process. Up to 25% of the wine was matured for 6 months in 2,500-liter acacia barrels, and then blended in stainless steel tanks and bottled unfiltered.

Pairing: Enjoy it with pasta with truffles (Istrian specialty!) as well as young goat cheese, prosciutto and other charcuterie, grilled

fish, calamari, lobster or roasted poultry with rosemary