Ras Wines - Sparkling Wine Arkadia Maine Wild Blueberries 2022 750ml (8% ABV)

Ras Wines - Sparkling Wine Arkadia Maine Wild Blueberries 2022 750ml (8% ABV)

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RAS wines = Dan Roche, Joe Appel and Emily Smith.

2.5 pounds per bottle of organically raised wild blueberries from the Midcoast and Downeast regions,

tiny wild blue berries planted by birds. only 8% ABV, almost like a lambic, finishes dry, vibrant, light bodied. extremely refreshing and delicious. forthright and pure. vivd and savory. drink very cold!

850 cases produced (we couldn't even get a full case!)

made of: Maine wild blueberries

style: col fondo (unfiltered sparkling)

farming/cellar: certified organic, hand harvested, 7 days maceration, foot crushed, fermented with their own yeasts and neither fined nor filtered before undergoing a secondary fermentation in bottle. No sulfites are added. Maceration and fermentation are on native yeasts, with skins intact, for four weeks. Pressing is slow and gentle, aging is in neutral tanks for six months with three periodic rackings. SECONDARY FERMENTATION is a mix of traditions. It’s not technically pét-nat because primary fermentation completes before bottling. It’s closer to méthode traditionelle because we induce secondary fermentation with an addition of sweetener to the fully fermented still wine in each individual bottle, but it differs from that method in that we do not add any yeast, and we riddle and disgorge the bottles after a few months’ aging rather than a few years’. Some sediment remains, reflecting an approach that Italians call Prosecco col fondo.

pairings: also serves as a versatile mixer, and is terrific with snacks and good, simple meals.