Rarefratte - Vespaiolo 2020 750 ML (12% ABV)

Rarefratte - Vespaiolo 2020 750 ML (12% ABV)

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Rarefratte is a project of Cristian Moresco, who seeks out rare varietals on the brink of going extinct. Vespaiolo is the queen of the native varieties of Breganze. Named after the hungry wasps (vespe) that target its sweet grapes (this wine is bone dry, however typically Vespaiolo is more widely cultivated as a passito version, known as Torcolato di Breganze). Grown on various plots between the Breganzese hills, the vineyards are from 4 to 20 years old grown on volcanic and clay soil. There is one plot that has a lot of silt which gives the wine a note of freshness. 

Complex with minerality and high acidity that intertwines with the delicate aromas of acacia blossoms. Flavors of pear, apple, ripe citrus and honeyed notes.

varietal: Vespaiolo

region: Breganze, Veneto, Italy

style: dry still white

farming/cellar: biodynamic, soil is volcanic/clay, 700-1000 feet elevation, ambient yeast, unfined/unfiltered

pairing: rigatoni with spicy pork meatball with creamy parm. Sauce from meatball shop