Mooa Wine - "Rockfish" 2021 750ml (12% ABV)

Mooa Wine - "Rockfish" 2021 750ml (12% ABV)

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"Drifter" domaine project from California to France.

Lively, fresh and deep, just like the Coteaux d’aix en Provence itself. The bio fruits for these cuvées receives plenty of Provence’s generous sun light, cool evenings and brisk breezes.

Funky orange, meyer lemons, river rock and calcareous minerals dry multi dimensional refreshing orange wine, citrusy and peachy and of course dry!

100% raisins - sans sulfite ajoutes (no added so2)

Varietal: Clairette - Trebbiano

region: Cote de Provence Aix, France

style: skin contact white ( orange wine)

15 days of maceration (skin contact), unfiltered

Vin vivant !

They’ve been made with plenty of love.

We can’t wait for you to try them! 

Pair with Mediterranean fare, oysters with pickled cucumbers, escargot garlic and lots of butter and a baguette to do plenty of dipping or grilled peaches and warm comte cheese.