Lauer - Riesling "Barrel X" Feinherb Mosel 2022 750ml (9.5% ABV)

Lauer - Riesling "Barrel X" Feinherb Mosel 2022 750ml (9.5% ABV)

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Welcome to the gateway into the magical world of Lauer Riesling. I’ll just leave it to our importer, Vom Boden to describe this one to you because they do it so well. “First, there is the appellation-level Barrel X. This is Lauer’s Platonic ideal of what a Saar Riesling should be.

If we were in Burgundy this would be the equivalent of a Bourgogne Blanc. As an appellation-level wine, it is sourced from multiple vineyards in three different villages of the Saar (the majority from the hillside of Ayler Kupp). This is always a thrilling off-dry and a silly value.”

Sites: 1: Ayl (Lauer’s home village), 2: Saarburg, 3: Wawern and 4: Wiltingen. Florian says, “From Ayl and Wawern, the wine gains the fruit and power, from Saarburg the racy acidity, and from Wiltingen, the spice.”

this is likely the driest "off dry" riesling you will try, essentially reads as trocken with how much zesty acidity is laced into the fabric. crystalline. petrol, green apple, crushed slate.

region: mosel, germany

varietal: riesling, 100 + ungrafted bush vines

style: white 

farming & cellar: practicing organic (no use of copper sprays) wild yeasts, whole cluster pressed, juice occasionally pumped  back in for short maceration. age in a mix of stainless steel, fiberglass, and fuder for 1-6 months on the lees  - no fining, lightly filtered with diatomaceous earth (Silica).

pairing: spicy curries with kaffir lime