Lano Gianluigi - Langhe "Lanot" Rosso 2108 750 ML (14% ABV)

Lano Gianluigi - Langhe "Lanot" Rosso 2108 750 ML (14% ABV)

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Organic Barbaresco producer and regenerative farmer Lano Gianlugi gives this red blend star treatment just like his coveted Nebbiolos. The aromatic and higher acid and tannin varietal Fresia and fruity lower acid and tannin Barbera make a great pair in the right hands.  We couldn't ask for a better value robust Italian red.

medium bodied, unmistakably rustic Italian bouquet, vibrant red fruit, sarsaparilla, rose petal button mushroom, earth - the perfect weeknight alternative to pricier Nebbiolo

region: piedmont, italy

varietal: 70% barbera, 30% freisa (relative of Nebbiolo)

style: red 

farming & cellar: certified organic, fermented in concrete, matured 2 years in neutral slovenian cask

pairing: tajarin al burro w/ white truffle and sage