Johan Vineyards - Pinot Gris Drueskall Van Duzer AVA 2020 750ml (12.6% ABV)

Johan Vineyards - Pinot Gris Drueskall Van Duzer AVA 2020 750ml (12.6% ABV)

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you've never had a Pinot Gris (aka Pinot Grigio) like this before. very limited offering from this highly regarded Oregon producer. Johan Vineyards is an 85 acre estate in the Van Duzer corridor AVA, a self-sustaining, holistic, certified Biodynamic ecosystem. 

"Drueskall" is Norwegian for grape skin. Soils are calcareous sediment with granite. Vineyards face the constant Van Duzer coastal winds, which cool the micro-climate.

 Their goal for this release is to craft a wine that has the structure of a red wine combined with a full range of tertiary (notes that result from ageing/exposure to oxygen) white wine aromas. An ongoing experiment, with each vintage some aspects of the vinification are adjusted: whole berry fermentation, carbonic maceration (rare for a non-red wine), and exactly how much skin contact (anywhere from 17 to 33 days) 

fascinating, complex, exotic, a can't miss if you love adventurous orange wines. dried tangerine peel, baking spice, long finish.

region: Willamette Valley, Oregon

varietal: Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio)

style: orange / amber

farming/cellar: certified Biodynamic, ambient yeast, partial whole berry & partial de-stemmed, partial carbonic in an egg, 17-33 days maceration, After finishing primary fermentation, the wine is pressed then aged in barrique