Früg - Zweigelt 1L 2020 (12% ABV)

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Grape: Zweigelt

Vineyard: several different sites, all certified organic. Mainly gravel, chalk, sandy clay

Making of: spontaneous fermentation in tanks. The wine then spent 10 weeks on its fine lees. Bottled without filtration or fining, with a 25ppm sulfur addition.

Personality: fruity red with plenty of plums, cherries, figs, a spicy touch, pleasant round mouthfeel and good acidity – very sippable!

more info on the Producer from Jenny and Francois:

The Wurzinger winery lies in the south-eastern part of Burgenland, almost at the border with Hungary, and was established by the current owner’s grandfather. Josef took it over from his parents in 1991, gradually changing the vineyard management to organic before obtaining the certification in 2014. “Making the shift happen over many years was particularly important to us since we wanted to give our vines time to adapt and maintain the quality and fruitiness of our wines,” as Josef explains why the switch took some time. 

Location: Tadten, Burgenland, Austria

Owner & winemaker: Josef & Pia Wurzinger

Vineyards: 25 hectares across 13 different sites, certified organic (since 2014)

Soils: gravel, chalk, sandy clay

Main varieties: Grüner Veltliner, Zweigelt

Winemaking: spontaneous fermentation, aging in tanks, no filter, no fining.

  • The wines are all bottled in 1-liter bottles, a kind of traditional packaging for everyday drinking wines in the area. The extra 250ml comes in handy when you have wine this gluggable..
  • Gruner Veltliner, a traditional variety that has become almost synonymous with Austrian white wine, has been present in the country since some time around 1550 and nowadays is its most widely planted grape
  • Frug (pronounced “froog”) is a shake-your-hips kind of dance popular in the 1960s, lively like good natural wine.