Folicello - il Rosato Lambrusco Emilia IGT 2021 1.5 L MAG (12% ABV)

Folicello - il Rosato Lambrusco Emilia IGT 2021 1.5 L MAG (12% ABV)

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Antonella and Marco adventure has begun in the Emilia Romagna countryside wrapped by the first mists. In the ’80, when it all began for them, it was just almost for fun, they intended to produce a wholesome glass of wine for themselves and for some friends. Today Folicello is endowed with a new small but efficient cellar, where they make wine with the grapes that they pick in their vineyard, and with a laboratory where they produce jams and other products made their hand harvested grapes, all organic.

Lovely, elegant effervescence Lambrusco, dusty pink, tart rose petals, hibiscus, strawberry, and a snap of mint on the mid palate, pretty bubbles tart dry slightly tannic finish and delicious.

region: Emilia Romagna

varietal: Lambrusco di Sorbara (50%) Lambrusco Salamino (50%)

style: Pet Nat/ Ancestral Method

farming & cellar: Organic, biological vine-growing and wine-producing production of a qualitative high-level. Fermentation in steel, re-fermented in the bottle using frozen must.

pairing: great with a refreshing arugula nutty fruit salad, charcuterie, delicious blackberry or sour cherry panna cotta or Zabaglione or tiramisu or skinny dip into a fondue.