Eric Bordelet - "Tendre" Sweet Sparkling Apple Sidre Doux NV 750ml (3.5% ABV)

Eric Bordelet - "Tendre" Sweet Sparkling Apple Sidre Doux NV 750ml (3.5% ABV)

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During the 1980s, Éric Bordelet was once one of the most influential figures in the Parisian wine scene,a former rock-star sommelier, Michelin Three Star restaurant, l’Argège. His native Normandy called him and put his superb palate to work in his family owned windswept vineyards, Château de Hauteville, Normandy in 1992.
Eric Bordelet planted seven hectares that had been fallow in terraced orchards (that will not be utilized for many years to come), and began the process of bringing his family’s orchards into biodynamic practices. Along the way he has risen to prominence as one of the greatest producers of cider in all of Normandy.

His current production is based entirely on the older orchards planted in his ancestors’ time, some of which date back two hundred to three hundred years (pre-French Revolution)! He has more than thirty “heirloom” varieties of apples

"Extremely aromatic with notes of honeyed fruit and baked apple. Persistent, but small bubbles slightly unctuous sweet cider is produced from the fruit of apple trees more than 200 years old. Tones of baked apple drizzled with honey beg to be paired with warm apple pie à la mode. Don’t let the sweetness fool you, there’s enough tannin and acid to please even dry-seeking palates.

region: Normandy, France

varietal: 200-300 yr./old heirloom apple orchard

style:  semi sweet apple cider sparkling

farming & cellar:

Like great wine, great cider is a reflection of the underlying terroir of the orchards,the quality and the variety of the fruit trees planted, the yields in the orchard and, ofcourse, the age of the trees. Much of Bordelet’s production is from pre-Frenchrevolution apple and pear orchards of “heirloom” varieties planted in granite and
schiste soils.

paring: Great as aperitif, with a cheese course or warm apple pie à la mode