Domaine Saint Cyr - BLANC La Galoche 2021 750ml 12.5% ABV

Domaine Saint Cyr - BLANC La Galoche 2021 750ml 12.5% ABV

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Raphael Saint-Cyr is the fourth generation vigneron at the Domaine Saint-Cyr, which was created by his great-grandfather, Pierre Saint-Cyr. The estate is located in Anse, found at the southern edge of the Beaujolais. When Raphael took over the winemaking in 2008, he let go of a large portion of Beaujolais vines around the winery and acquired vines further north in the crus of Morgon, Regnié, Chénas, and Moulin-à-Vent. Having seen his grandfather and uncle get sick from the chemicals used to treat their vines, Raphael was immediately convinced to convert the entire 23 hectare domaine to certified organic viticulture, making Domaine Saint Cyr one of the largest organic domaines in the Beaujolais.

The Domaine Saint Cyr is proudly located in Anse, in the southern part of the Beaujolais known as Les Pierres Dorées, the golden stones, after the golden-hued limestone which is emblematic of the region. La Galoche is the name of a small stream that runs by the winery. This area is best known for Gamay, but given the limestone terroir, it's no surprise that they also produce some excellent Chardonnay. It's possible to label Chardonnay from this region as Bourgogne Blanc, but Raphael is firmly committed to the Beaujolais Blanc appellation.

Silky viscose supple white grapes, snappy acidity to delineate wonderful and refreshing structure, crisp pears, melon ball fruit with quenching salinity, well balanced dry finish.

varietal: 100% Chardonnay

region: Beaujolais, France

style: white wine

300m elevation, hand harvested

Direct press, fermentation in stainless steel tanks without added SO2

4 months in stainless steel without SO2, bottled in late January with 1g SO2, unfined and unfiltered

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