Domaine La Florane - Saint Maurice Blanc Guillaume de Rouville 2021 750ml (13.5% ABV)

Domaine La Florane - Saint Maurice Blanc Guillaume de Rouville 2021 750ml (13.5% ABV)

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The Domaine La Florane is 75 hectares, of which 38 hectares are vineyards and 37 hectares of woods, olive trees and lavender.

Adrien's ambition is to make the vines grow as naturally as possible, respecting the fauna and flora, and taking the stars into account. To produce wines from organic grapes, wines that are deep, balanced and silky, this is why Domaine la Florane cultivates the entire estate using biodynamic methods.

exceptional CDR blanc from one of the esteemed villages that can be labelled as a Côtes-du-Rhône Villages with the name attached (Saint Maurice)

1200 feet elevation, 2ha plot of white grapes, Terroir: plateau with chalky-clay soil, covered with pebbles, and north/north-east facing. A green haven surrounded by broom, century-old oak trees (Holm, white, and even a few truffle oaks), olive trees… 

 full bodied, weighty, impeccable balance, Mirabelle plum, yellow orchard apples, subtle herbal nuances, creamy midpalate, a great alternative for Sonoma Chard or P Fuisse fans. Powerful, generous, silky, delicious. 

region: southern Rhone, France

varietal: Grenache blanc, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne

style: white

farming/cellar: organic and biodynamic, Demeter certified, Each variety is picked and pressed separately. Alcoholic fermentation is conducted in demi-muid barrels and concrete ovoid vats and terracotta amphora. On the lees.