Domaine de la Pinte - Pinte Bien Poulsard Arbois 2022 750ml (13% ABV)

Domaine de la Pinte - Pinte Bien Poulsard Arbois 2022 750ml (13% ABV)

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Domaine de la Pinte is both a stalwart of the Jura, an old family estate between Arbois and Pupillin now helmed by 3rd-generation winemaker Vincent Martin, and one of the wineries pushing biodynamic viticulture in the region, having been certified since 2009. This combination of forward-thinking farming and traditional winemaking techniques is, to my mind, the best of both worlds.   -Flo (Zev, Rovine)
They practice shallow plowing which does not destroy the soil, but on the contrary, will contribute to the harmony between each element which composes it: microorganisms, minerals trace elements, micro fauna.
Red cherry, hibiscus, orange peel, with a hint of smoke. 
sourced from 4 hectare parcel with Triassic red marl soils.

region: jura, france 

varietal: poulsard 

style: light to medium bodied red

farming/cellar: certified biodynamic, hand harvested, destemmed, ambient yeast, fermented in neutral oak, 18 day maceration, aged for 6 months in 54 hectolitre concrete vats. unfined, lightly filtered, extracted according to lunar calendar, gravity fed winery, low so2.

pairing: poulsard goes with everything ! try it with some comté cheese.