Domaine de la Mongestine - Bob Singlar Red Wine VDF 2021 750mL (12.3% ABV)

Domaine de la Mongestine - Bob Singlar Red Wine VDF 2021 750mL (12.3% ABV)

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Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Marselan (a hybrid crossing of Merlot and Grenache) with just a dash of white wine (Roussanne), all grown in Provence.  Lip smacking cherry bomb. Chill it! 

A true vin de soif ("wine of thirst" aka an easy drinking red that is great with a slight chill), this buoyant blend represents the newest development at Mongestine.  Organic fruit, native yeasts ferments, no oak aging, and low sulfur (10ppm at bottling) make this the perfect red to chill and drink with abandon.

Tasting notes: A fusion of delicate vibrancy, pink lemonade, red berry fruits, tart cherries + pomegranate juice with a whiff of waxed vinyl.

from the importer:

"Situated in Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, Domaine de la Mongestine is a young estate pursuing organic viticulture with biodynamic principles.  This is a rarity in their region that is known for mass produced rosé for easy poolside enjoyment.  However, new owners Harry and Celine Gozlan envision a project focused on farming with great care and making wines simply.  Their 31 planted hectares are mainly on the clay and limestone soils of North facing slopes which rise up to 450 meters making them some of the highest in the appellation.  These qualities ensure a longer maturation process to preserve freshness in the fruit and acidity.  The estate was certified organic in 2014 and is now undergoing the process of transition to biodynamic viticulture as well.
Further breaking the mold for Provence winemaking, Domaine de la Mongestine produces their wines with minimal intervention.  None of the cuvees see sulfur until bottling.  Native yeast fermentations allow the estate to showcase the different terroirs of their estate.  They avoid barrel aging in their winemaking preferring inert tanks and amphora, which allows for micro-oxygenation but does not obscure their terroir.  As a young estate, Mongestine pushes the boundaries of winemaking in their area by making two limited ‘natural’ cuvees, a Vermentino and Syrah neither of which see any manipulation.  We’re excited to begin our journey with Domaine de la Mongestine as they pioneer organic grape growing in Provence."