Costadila - "450 slm" Vino Bianco Frizzante NV 750ml (10.5% ABV)

Costadila - "450 slm" Vino Bianco Frizzante NV 750ml (10.5% ABV)

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The name 450 slm refers to the elevation of the parcel this wine comes from. It is located in Zuel, Combai. Vines planted in 1953 in marl/clay soil.

Ernesto Cattel founded Costadilà with close friends Mauro and Leonello in 2006 and produced their first wine in 2007. The goal is to rejuvenate the rich agricultural traditions of Tarzo by reintroducing natural farming to the region. The scope of the project goes well beyond wine and emphasizes polyculture: the long-term goal is to have vines, fruits, vegetables, cereals and livestock coexist on the same plots of land. They hope that by creating this example, they can have a model farm for the region, so other farmers who are trapped in monoculture can see the way out.

This is far from the average Prosecco, not made like Prosecco, pretty much has nothing to do with Prosecco - soulful and mouth watering bubbly we can all stand behind.  

region: Veneto, Italy

varietal: Glera

style: sparkling orange (traditional method, 2nd fermentation in bottle)

farming/cellar: certified organic, After a short maceration on the skins, the wine ferments in stainless steel and ages in large oak barrels. Refermentation occurs in bottle with added must from the same vintage. The wine is never disgorged. Unfined, unfiltered, no added so2.

pairing: Don’t mix this one with o.j., but do enjoy with brunch :)