Chateau Thivin - Beaujolais Villages Rose 2022 750ml (12.5% abv)

Chateau Thivin - Beaujolais Villages Rose 2022 750ml (12.5% abv)

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Only 2% of Beaujolais production is Rosé. That makes the Thivin Rosé one of the world’s rarest. Separate from this trivial fact, Thivin makes one enjoyable Rosé. Sourced from the pink granite terroir of Brouilly, this Rosé is simply delicious, with good grip and notes of summery red berries.

Thivin’s Beaujolais-Villages vines sit opposite the Côte-de-Brouilly, where steep expanses of pink granite cascade down from wooded hilltops toward the valley below. These Gamay vines are over fifty years old—rare in rosé production—and you can sense a mouthwatering salinity that mimics the old-vine roots licking up mineral salts from the granitic bedrock.
    Also unusual for rosé production, the Geoffrays ferment this wine with native yeasts and embrace malolactic fermentation, a practice long associated with the most complex and serios rosés. The result is a silky mouthfeel and delicate fruit that reflects the gentleness of these natural methods. The choice to harvest early assures a freshness.
   With its delightful peachiness and stimulating hints of its granitic terroir, Thivin’s rosé really is the ideal mise en bouche. Pouring a cold glass is just what’s needed to charm the senses in anticipation of more great things to come.

winemaker is Claude Geoffray

sourced from a tiny 1 hectare parcel, 50 year old vines grown in pink granite and sand

The pretty red berry and floral nose pulls you into this light and elegant rosé that has a delightful balance of fruit and lively acidity. Just a hint of gentle tannin at the finish anchors the fruit very neatly.

region: Beaujolais, France

varietal: Gamay

style: dry rose

farming/cellar: certified organic, Manual harvest. This Rosé de Gamay Noir comes from direct pressing, it is then vinified like a white wine in stainless steel vats and at low temperature.