Chateau Le Bergey - Bordeaux 2020 750ml (14% ABV)

Chateau Le Bergey - Bordeaux 2020 750ml (14% ABV)

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Chateau Le Bergey Bordeaux is part of the new surge in Bordeaux interests since the tariffs have lifted last year.

Bordeaux "Vignerons" whose wines can be soulful, joyous and following Biodynamic practices.

Le Bergey Bordeaux is the entry level from Chateau l'Escart, a real hands on farming of winemakers.

Classic blend  60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot

Especially complex refreshment prized by longtime Bordeaux lovers. Fermented and aged in concrete tanks and made for early consumption.

Tasting notes: Dry, dark intense fruit, cooked cherries, licorice, currants and hints of baking chocolate, lightly tannic, with lingering earth and flower petals on the palate. Blackberries, ripe cherries and a tightly wound fruit on the finish.

Le Bergey is the entry level label of Château L’Escart, a Bordeaux Supérieur winery run by  the Laurent family which live on the property.  The estate is organically farmed and managed for quality throughout every step necessary to make a fine bottle of wine.  You’ve got to try this if you are a Bordeaux fan.  Consistently outstanding, this is yet another strong showing from one of our most price-worthy properties.  Using only vines that are a minimum 15 years of age adds a measure of concentration usually found only in wines costing considerably more.