Cantina Cantina - Corso Centrale "Mountain Memos" 2017 1L (13% ABV)

Cantina Cantina - Corso Centrale "Mountain Memos" 2017 1L (13% ABV)

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A producer of natural wines and farmhouse/old world style ales and lagers — you may be familiar with them already from the NYC market. They make amazing sparkling wines and do some gypsy brewing on Long Island and also have a little project going just outside of Aosta, Italy. In the small community of Canavese, the Cantina Cantina team (who demurred on any notion of being mentioned individually by name) bought grapes from old vineyards.

Mountain Memos is a blend of all the Piedmont grapes that are not nebbiolo, barbera or bonarda - the wine is made in Vall d'Aosta

shows a hint of age in the touch of brick color, but still presents juicy primary fruit up front, cherry cola, fresh and lush, a very cool small production liter to impress your friends

region: Carema, piedmont, italy 

varietals:  Ruche, Dolcetto, Freesia, Neretto Duro, Chatus, etc

farming & cellar: Whole cluster fermentation in 500L barrels for 12 months. Unfined, unfiltered, no SO2. 

pairing: Pauli gee's the mootz slice