Gia Jamberidze's Cellar - Tsitsqa-Tsolikouri 2017 750ml 12% ABV

Gia Jamberidze's Cellar - Tsitsqa-Tsolikouri 2017 750ml 12% ABV

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This wine maker "Jamberee'" I'll call him, really jumped out and spoke to me. A cross between white burgundy and Bordeaux blanc.

The tiny family winery of Gia Jamberidze is located in the mountainous region of Guria (far-western Georgia). Their organically farmed vineyards (a mere 0.5 ha) are located at 150m in the Caucasus mountains, only 20 miles from the Black Sea (a unique microclimate for wine making).

Clean and vibrant - almost white Burgundian in style, with herbs, honey, and lemon aromas leading to a palate of mouthwatering acidity, stone fruit, and salinity. Organically grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.

region: Guria, Georgia ( country)

varietal: 50% tsitska (tsitsqa) and 50% tsolikauri

style: elegant white

farming & cellar:

fermented in old barrels and aged in glass demijohns. Unlike many white wines of the region, this sees no skin contact!

pairs well with French Bistro classics, fine herb omelette, escargot, Moulés Frites, poached leeks béarnaise sauce.