Nardello - Robian Garganega 2020 750ml (10.5% ABV)

Nardello - Robian Garganega 2020 750ml (10.5% ABV)

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A family affair, this vineyard is now 4th generation and run by a brother and sister duo, Daniele and Federica.

In a class of its own. This orange wine (15 days maceration) represents everything you want from an orange wine.

 Golden honey hue, bergamot tea notes and an excellent choice for winter, full-bodied, savory, herbaceous, funky tropical fruits. Perfect for sausage dish.

region: Soave, Italy

varietal: Gargenega

style: skin contact/orange wine

farming/cellar: ambient yeast, 15 days skin contact, no added so2, unfiltered

pairing: sichuan night ! dry stir fried green beans, mapo tofu, dandan noodles