Domaine Glinavos - Paleokerisio 2020 (10.5% ABV) 500ml

Domaine Glinavos - Paleokerisio 2020 (10.5% ABV) 500ml

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  • Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio 2020 (orange sparkling)

500ml bottle!

A unique orange, from Northern Greece, Region of Eperis, Appellation Zitsa practicing organic, Wine made from grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyard, Meaning "old fashioned" (paleokerisio), this sparkling revives the well-known traditional semi-sparkling wine of the region. Local Debina, Vlahiko, and Bekari grapes go through skin contact before fermentation, resulting in a light amber orange color. Off-dry charming sparkling with flavors of baked pear/apple, orange peels, and mountain spices. Semi-sparkling and semi-dry wine, which impresses with its distinctive and totally traditional vinification. It is produced from the indigenous white wine grape variety Debina (97%) with the addition of a small percentage of the red variety Vlahiko (3%).

It is a special type of wine, which revives the well-known traditional semi-sparkling wine of Ioannina, produced in the past by the locals. The little natural carbonate reveals the rich, refreshing and well-balanced  flavors of apple, butter and cinnamon, vanilla aromas with a sweetness of cherry and refreshing bubbles, sun-soaked apricots, nutmeg and cloves. This 2020 vintage is more Elegant and less acidity, with a round brioche finish.

This wine has a cult following in the way that people ask for it by name. It’s the kind of wine you hear whispered into ears, hummed, audible smiles crawl across faces when it is finally cradled in one’s glass. Unique in numerous ways: it’s from Greece, it’s orange in color, it’s semi-sparkling, it’s semi-dry. The "Paleokerisio" Dom. Glinavos has the ability to make you feel special, like you have unlocked the secret to the wine world.

It’s a sophisticated thinker's aperitivo.