Jutta Ambrositsch Wiener Gemischter Satz Kosmopolit 2020 (12% ABV) 750ml

Jutta Ambrositsch Wiener Gemischter Satz Kosmopolit 2020 (12% ABV) 750ml

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Jutta Ambrositsch left a career as a graphic design artist swapping an office job for a career in nature.

Vienna has the most vineyards planted of any city in the world. The vineyards are on hillsides at the city limits, on either side of the Danube over-looking the city center. The surrounding vineyards provide a mini-escape from the bustling center and there is a long tradition of residents going to the hillsides to have a glass of wine and snacks at a Heurigen or Buschenschank overlooking the city. Heurigen could roughly be translated as a wine bar. Buschenschank is similar, but they are only allowed to sell products that are made in-house, wine included. Ambrositsch started her own Buschenschank in 2006.

The specialty of Vienna is a traditional wine called Gemischter Satz, historically, it was a field blend with many different varieties picked the same day and crushed together for vinification. It sounds simple enough, but the different varieties ripen at different rates and it’s quite a skill to decide the exact day when the ripeness and acidity will be a delicious balance amongst all the varieties.

How she does it : the grapes are picked on the same day by two teams of about 12 people each. In the evening, all of the grapes are go into the press together and the next day after about 12 hours of maceration everything is pressed.  

These blends include too many varietals to name them all but do include Grüner Veltliner, Sauv. Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay just to name a few that you may have heard of and come from five different sites on both sides of the Danube

This one tastes  like Nectarine, clean and fresh, white flowers. Sorry for the long description (adapted from the importer  David Bowler's info.) but it's a cool story don't you think? And I freaking love these wines.